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Just when you think you’ve seen it all within the health and fitness industry, a new type of exercise equipment comes out but don’t be mistaken – STEP-N-CARVE® is unlike anything you’ve seen before. More importantly, the combined benefits that come with using this new stainless steel structure are just as unique as is the exercise equipment itself. So, if you’re ready to learn how to step up your health and fitness – pardon the pun – keep reading!

What is STEP-N-CARVE®?
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STEP-N-CARVE® is a new type of exercise equipment that is so new that it’s still in the beta phase. Crafted with impressive design, manufacture, and structure, STEP-N-CARVE® is a unique way to shape, tone and perfect for performance.
Due to the unique circular-arc rails in this all stainless-steel structure, every turn you make feels like you’re riding down the smooth slopes at your favorite ski hill.

Benefits of Using STEP-N-CARVE®

Now let’s get into the good stuff - the benefits of using this innovative form of exercise equipment.

1. Perfect for Ages 10 and Right Up to Seniors

The STEP-N-CARVE® has been crafted with the safety of its users in mind. To ensure exercise equipment that can be safely and effectively used by everyone, whether they’re 10 years of age or sliding into their seniors, STEP-N-CARVE® has many adjustable and modern features. Here are some of our favorites:
• Adjustable support bar
• Fasteners for smartphones
• Circular rails for a smooth ride

2. Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Being able to change up the environment in which your training is an excellent way to keep your lower body workouts feeling new and exciting. STEP-N-CARVE® is an all-stainless-steel structure that has been weatherproofed to allow its users to workout on the exercise equipment indoors or outdoors.

3. It’s a Great Lower Body Workout

As you can see from the sample videos, the STEP-N-CARVE® is an amazing lower body workout. Squat lower for a more intense workout as you glide from side to side or keep it simple with a stripe that feels like a nature walk.

4. It Can Be Used for a Full Body Workout

The incredible thing about this new exercise equipment is that it can be used for full-body workouts as well. As you can see from the same sample videos mentioned previously, you can add in some arm movements and alternate them from side to side for training in your legs, buttocks, core, and arms.

5. Burn More Calories

What would an exercise equipment be if it didn’t burn calories? With the STEP-N-CARVE®, you can burn more calories without having to put an intense amount of pressure on your body.

6. Less Pressure on your Body

Due to the circular rails used in the design, you can glide from side to side at a pace that works for you. This decreases the amount of pressure that puts on your body.

7. Keep Yourself Moving

This benefit is particularly beneficial for seniors. It’s important to keep the entire body moving as you get older. With STEP-N-CARVE®, you can now do just that without the risk of injury and strain that comes from many other types of exercise equipment.

8. Use STEP-N-CARVE® for Physical Therapy

Perhaps your goal isn’t the burn calories or train your lower body. Maybe you are healing from an injury and need to gently exercise your lower body. STEP-N-CARVE® is an excellent exercise equipment for improving physical therapy and ultimately, your efforts in and out of the therapists’ office.

9. Improve Your Skiing Technique

Inarguably, one of the best benefits of using STEP-N-CARVE® is that it doesn’t just train your body for ultimate fitness. Instead, it can also be used to improve your skiing technique due to the smooth glide that comes from the circular rails.

The STEP-N-CARVE® is an innovative type of exercise equipment that you can expect to see dominating the industry in the near future due to its unique benefits. So, if you’re ready to improve your skiing technique, fitness, health, balance or mobility, take a glide on the STEP-N-CARVE® and let us know what you think!