1. Can I choose the color of my device?
    Yes, two colors:  red and light grey.
  2. Are the metal parts made of stainless steel?
    Yes, everything is stainless steel except the panels and foot platorm, which are painted metal and painted plastic, respectively.  The machine has been weather tested,  so you can use it and store it outside.
  3. Does the device require batteries or electricity?
    No, the movement comes from your body's energy.
  4. Why are we seeing a circular track on a piece of exercise equipment for which we've been looking to soothe or reverse back pain?
    Because the circular track is a necessity of providing comfort for back injury.
    ( Here is an example. After user holds onto a very top straight handlebar with their hands on it and, later, their feet are being transported traversally or laterally toward an end of a straight track, a distinct distance between the top part of handlebar and the end part of track is greater than those parts with a circular track. Thus, it possibly causes a strain on those same muscles, if repeatedly. 
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