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Five responding images to description below.1. This is my invention. I originally designed it to prepare the user prior to skiing on the snow slopes. But it could 've been used to urge the user for other purposes or uses.

2. This is a modified device from the same invention. To attract elderlies for a simple exercise, a handrail replaces the foot boxes.

3. A female athlete is showing off her dance on the device. It could benefit her lower body that naturally includes all the parts of the movement.

4. This device has been tested many times, resulting in only a few modifications to the durable stainless steel structure itself.

5. Finally, a power assembly is my favorite challenge for its capacity of carrying a load. Yet since a latex tubing is able to extend only one-third of its length, but the user might have a choice of strength at the time of purchase. Of course, a chart of weights vs strengths is included, too.

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