About The Inventor's Career and Prototyping

    I was in West Africa with the Peace Corps for three years before returning to America in 1972 when I started my job teaching computer science in a private school for the deaf in Cincinnati, Ohio. During my career, I built or remodeled a home three times for my family. I remodeled yet another home in my retirement. I also ran a craft business.
     If I encountered a problem, I would search for a solution.  When I saw an injured football player solve his problem by creating a device for his leg, so I decided I would invent a device for my injured back.  I created my ski simulation device, which includes innovative flat-curved tracks. I received patents for that device in 2015.
     I asked my friends and family to join me for a pioneering venture. We decided to create an online store, so we have a direct relationship with our customers.  Our website includes info on our current product and other incoming products.  Follow us on social media.  Feel free to contact us or post on social media.

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